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Journalist, yoga teacher and human being.

Paty Renda is a journalist, translator and writer as well as a 200 hr certified Aananda hatha yoga teacher, Vedic Thai Bodywork and Reiki practitioner. Although yoga has always been present in her life, her professional path started only when she moved to the US and received her first training as a Yoga Fitness instructor and Nutrition consultant. She has been teaching yoga for about 15 years and throughout this time she has had the pleasure to study with many great teachers in the country. Paty worked as a trainer for the Yoga Fitness certification, taught seniors, mommies and babies, powerful yoga classes as well as restorative yoga classes.

Besides being a certified Aananda Yoga Teacher, she also holds certifications from Baby Om Yoga, Kids Yoga, Seniors Yoga, Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork and Yoga Nidra meditation. Her wish is to make yoga playful, relaxing and appealing to every person in the world. “One person at a time” is her goal.

Paty’s latest creation is her Liquid Yoga – Belly Dancing Yoga Class –  a combination of dance movements, yoga asanas and meditation – improves self love and offers empowerment within a loving environment for women of all ages and bodies. Paty is also a trainer at the Aananda School of Yoga, where she shares her passion for yoga and her knowledge of all yoga aspects. As a teacher, student and trainer, she hopes that yoga will transform people’s lives as it has transformed hers.


Tools for a better living

The many paths to love

Sacred Ceremonies

Exploring traditional ceremonies in a unique and relevant way. Personalized blessings and ceremonies to create a special moment for a big life change.

Spiritual Guidance

A heart to heart conversation that will help you go within and find what is working and what needs to change. With an opportunity to work one on one we can dive deep to understand the root of your pursuit.


Private and group sessions that cater to your physical, mental and spiritual needs. Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Kids Yoga and Chair Yoga available.

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Reiki & Thai Bodywork

Ancient healing arts techniques that will help you relax and renew your body and mind.


Mindful practices for a better work environment, healthier employees and productivity boost.

Yoga Teacher Training

The Aananda School of Yoga program covers the most important aspects of yoga in the physical and spiritual aspect.

Retreats & Events

Special events include workshops, day retreats, and free community talks that create a deeper

connection to self

and others.

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"Paty was my first yoga teacher that I have come to know. She is an inspiration not only for the way she teaches yoga and Belly Dancing but the way she lives her yoga. Her classes and workshops help the student find a deeper understanding of themselves."


Join us in Costa Rica!

Divenire Retreat
The Art of Becoming

October 2022


6 nights

2 meals a day

Yoga and meditation

Daily workshop


Cacao Tour

Farm Tour

30 Min One on One session 


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