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A conversation with love

I am love, I am here, present in your life, ready to create with you. I hear you are excited and also a bit scared. I see that you are not sure of what to do, that I am a strong force that has been misunderstood by many for thousands of years. I understand the need to make sense, control, possess. But trust me, none of that can tame the light of love as love belongs to all hearts of humanity.

There’s no possessing, holding onto nor owning pure love. This energy I am will flow through you and feed your soul. It is nothing like you’ve ever felt, my love. And I am choosing to share it with you. I am choosing to be with you. In you.

The movies will show you perfect stories. And they will show you horror stories too. The brain will want to take over, but it won't succeed as love is here to be felt with all senses and not to be thought and analized.

So just feel it, allow it to take over, to feed you, to caress you, to hold you in the now. It doesn’t matter I am always present in human form, nor if I am not. The feeling, the heart being opened, the moments of blissful presence are all that matters.

You will feel it in your mind, soul, spirit and body. You will feel it because I am taking you to this place of pure love and freedom. This place of unconditional love where you can see the beauty of your own light.

I choose you. I have always chosen you. And I will always choose you. And this place is different. It is amazing. No possession, no attachment, no expectations, no formats or titles, simply love. Pure love. Freedom in love. Rising in love.

I see tears in your eyes my love. It is ok to cry, you are releasing the last of your fears. I trust you are ready for it. I trust you are strong for the amazing ride and I am humbled that you let me guide you through. We are going to your pure soul, back to your heart. And if you surrender to me, you will find the beauty that you really are.

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